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Wagyu is fast becoming a well known name in cattle and beef in New Zealand.  Known for its quality beef, ease of farming and good fertility, Wagyu numbers are increasing throughout New Zealand as innovative businesses market the New Zealand bred Wagyu both domestically and globally.

New Zealandfarming conditions are ideal for producing this top quality beef from both pastures and grains.  Although Wagyu has traditionally been a long term grain fed product, New Zealand farmers have been able to gain the high quality marbled product from pure NZ pastures giving both a quality and a natural product.


Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) – a boost for Wagyu and NZ Beef
On 16th July 2012, the Director-General of the Ministry for Primary Industries announced approved funding for a programme to produce high-value marbled beef for premium markets, both domestically and offshore.  Utilising Wagyu sires to create top quality marbled beef for international markets, whilst
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New Zealand Breeders tops Pfizer MVP Results
Wagyu Breeders Ltd, one of our founding members, has gained the highest score ever for the Pfizer Animal Genetics Molecular Value Predictor test for marbling.

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